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Oluyemisi Daji
Well done for taking the initiative, ladies! I live in the UK and I'm also transitioning to Nigeria. I am in year 2 of my 5 year plan. I've built my house (building the 2nd one now which I plan to rent out) and started my business so it's able to run independently when I eventually come. I am in the process of travelling back and forth to monitor the business till I am confident I don't have to keep pumping funds into it. Like anything in life, relocating is about planning and not just rushing into it. Kudos on a good video
Comment from : Oluyemisi Daji

global nomad
The age of consent makes these girls old
Comment from : global nomad

Ashaki Dore
I'm a new subscriber, so I'm a bit behind. May I ask why you moved yo Nigeria? I noticed a number of vids of people moving or moving back to Nigeria and fo I wondered what's the catalyst
Comment from : Ashaki Dore

T. J.
32:04 whisper, "Are you're checking yourself out?" hahah the response giggle that interaction was just too cute for words!!! You're both super adorable!!
Comment from : T. J.

Brejunda Andre'
Hi! New Subbie!💗💗 Do y’all have any connects in other Countries? Could y’all get someone from London or US to ship you certain products? Will the shipping not make it worth it??
Comment from : Brejunda Andre'

Larry Townsend
There’s a lot of things to do....their are so many restauraaaaaannnts~ and?
Comment from : Larry Townsend

charleybanks ose
I like ur videos and love what u guys are doing cos naija are met in swappin ppl of their cash..Love to know ur dating app when created..
Comment from : charleybanks ose

Victor Njeke
I based in Germany from IMO state a biafran child / noting like home sweet home.
Comment from : Victor Njeke

people will always project their negative experiences and less likely to share their positive experiences. i wish i watched your videos earlier i was in lagos for a whole month...i would have at least gotten hair done at Taupe. Well done ladies!
Comment from : MovingT5

Olubunmi Daubry
Well done for keeping it real, 💕💕👍
Lovely make up, girls, 😂😘

Comment from : Olubunmi Daubry

Snap 2 Tube
So it's *developing country*. I think the term "third world" is an antiquated term. Jo don't beat me o....I know y'all are Nigerians now and may have lost some of your 'wokeness'🤣
Comment from : Snap 2 Tube

P Lewis
Y'all ain't real y'all have the nerve to complain about toyota to get a Lexus. Bih we getting routinely shot out here by law officers we need an escape route.
Comment from : P Lewis

Oniah Chucks
What’s your friend YouTube name
Comment from : Oniah Chucks

Henry Mando
It is a lie, people from Abroad are corrupt too. What makes nigeria not move is because if corruption. The system has it ways, you have to learn it.
Comment from : Henry Mando

Michele Powell
Ladies, thank you so much for this information. I am thinking of moving to Lagos. Now I have a lot more invite.😘
Comment from : Michele Powell

Adeola Oluwasola
Tara unemployed in UK?
Comment from : Adeola Oluwasola

Adeola Oluwasola
Tara, this guy u called your business partner is your husband. Please invite me when my prophecy come to pass.
Comment from : Adeola Oluwasola

This video was so helpful--love both of your energies!!
Comment from : silia900

Ithiopia Mckinney
I love this video, I am moving to Lagos from the Bahamas to also open a business and I need friends...you ladies look so nice and chill
Comment from : Ithiopia Mckinney

Victoria Jade
great video just wished you stopped talking over Tara
Comment from : Victoria Jade

M Ya
Good content but lacking the energy😪
Comment from : M Ya

Great video!!
Comment from : Bubblyabi

Loved this ! More videos like this please, miss you guys too 😭
Comment from : lizlizlive

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