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yomi williams
You are already Nigerianised
We have that effect on others 😆

Comment from : yomi williams

John Jantjies
fake news
Comment from : John Jantjies

Idemudia Mahie
Na so we see am for here ooo 😁
Comment from : Idemudia Mahie

Aregbe Taofeek
You already sound like a Nigerian 🙋
Comment from : Aregbe Taofeek

oyin taiwo
Love from nigeria
Comment from : oyin taiwo

Mpho Okeke
Glad u enjoyed my country lol... Why ddnt u go to the village though???
Comment from : Mpho Okeke

Evi Coach
I love this part: when there is traffic, one way becomes two way 😂. Nigeria is a very FREE place. I'm enjoying your videos. We are proud of you.
Comment from : Evi Coach

Gee Gee
Lol Nigerians are very touchy lol 😂 😂😂
Comment from : Gee Gee

Oluyemi Olatunde
Oh my God! I like the point where you mentioned Agege bread! Those are real bread, I can tell you! Africa is a beautiful place to be, honestly speaking! Keep enjoying yourself and God bless your union with your man! Congrats!
Comment from : Oluyemi Olatunde

Mr Pinner
You really went to Naija! Correct Babe!
Next time, try and get to Delta State, Warri to be precise!

Comment from : Mr Pinner

Asalejo. Babatunde.
Lmao bike is called okada and tik tak is called keke maruwa, am happy you had fun.
Comment from : Asalejo. Babatunde.

I am happy Nigerians are getting some love. Africans love each other....I am not Nigerian.
Comment from : Chebo

Chimere Elele
Am loving you already. Enjoy your marriage
Comment from : Chimere Elele

ade ade
That bread that deserves a trophy needs to be taken with ewa agoin and chilled coke. Next time you visit, ask ur man to get you agege bread and ewa agoin.
Comment from : ade ade

Damilare Durojaye
Welcome to Nigeria, it's nice to think you liked it. I live in Nigeria and I'm almost certain half of the people living in Lagos are objectively insane. Good to know that you loved your experience. I've been to Cape Town and I loved it there too. Hope to finally live there someday.
Comment from : Damilare Durojaye

Fortunate MD
Haha. Up agege bread🙌🙌🙌
Comment from : Fortunate MD

Ant Nam
That bread is called Agege bread!
Comment from : Ant Nam

Pojo O Pojo
Am a Naija single guy. We are lovely people.
Comment from : Pojo O Pojo

fun Harry
You should have tasted suya, you will be addicted to it. Lovely stuff
Comment from : fun Harry

I think touching is how Nigerians communicate, i've seen that its the same with when the men communicate with each other.
Comment from : TheIrbe

Slow Turtle Love Bug
I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Nigeria, personally I'd never want to set foot in that country. Nigerians are not my favorite people, I've experienced the touching you spoke of in the CBD, I hate how they feel entitled to women's bodies.

Edit: alright now I understand it's more of a thing that they do, its considered normal

Comment from : Slow Turtle Love Bug

Serame Ramx
I love Nigeria❤️
Comment from : Serame Ramx

Bantu Twins
Saw you on Instagram. Just subbed ❤️✨
Comment from : Bantu Twins

Kgosigadi Nonny Feliz
ahhhh!!! Nigerians are heaven...
Comment from : Kgosigadi Nonny Feliz

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